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Chapter 49: Xiao Yuer was f*cked to death and Zhao Shuyu was completely vented.

Zhao Shuyu’s waist couldn’t help shaking, and her legs were spread wide open on both sides, unable to close.


She couldn’t even cry out, her little mouth opened and closed, just like her little p*ssy being f*cked hard by a man. The fleshy walls in the tight honey pot contracted more and more violently, spasming uncontrollably, and her core vomited out big splashes of honey.


The oily honey dripped on Zhao Xingyuan’s huge gl*ns, making him tremble unbearably.


Zhao Xingyuan raised his head in relief, kneaded and held Zhao Shuyu’s bre*sts with both hands, clasping them while exerting force on his cr0tch. He thrusted into the depths of the shrinking honey hole rapidly, pressing against his sister’s flower core, galloping wildly and colliding.


Zhao Xingyuan was approaching a critical moment at this time, and all feelings of pity for her were forgotten. He just wanted to take possession of the soft female body under him and get the ultimate pleasure from her.


But Zhao Shuyu, who had just experienced sex, could not bear such a wide range of manipulations. She had just ejaculated once, and before she could even recover, he went ahead f*cking her to the next level, causing her to gasp and scream.


“Ah, ah… I don’t want it anymore… Yu’er doesn’t want it anymore…”


Another wave of itching and numbness came over her, and Zhao Shuyu’s little c*nt seemed to be rebelling against her as it spasmed even more uncontrollably. As she stretched her waist, the flesh wall trembled and twitched, while the liquid flowed out from the center of the flower one after another.


Zhao Xingyuan knew that Zhao Shuyu was afraid of squirting again, but he couldn’t bear it any longer, so he stopped trying to endure it. He got on Zhao Shuyu’s ass, and started pounding downwards violently, until the whole of his roots were swallowed up, mercilessly hitting her hidden w0mb. After hundreds of continuous thrusts, he pen*trated hard and his waist was frozen stiff in mind-numbing pleasure.


The extremely swollen sex*al organ was inserted deep into her sister’s newly opened tender p*ssy, crushing the flower heart of the girl hard, shaking and spurting out a large amount of thick sem*n.


After ej*culating, Zhao Xingyuan relaxed all over.


He laid down on the soft couch, hugged Zhao Shuyu to his body, and let her lie on top of his chest. Of course, his semi-soft meat stick was still in her hole.


At this time, Zhao Xingyuan felt comfortable both physically and mentally.He hugged Zhao Shuyu lovingly and asked, “Did it hurt just now?”

Zhao Shuyu glared at Zhao Xingyuan weakly and said with a flat mouth, “Of course it hurt.”


“Good girl, it won’t hurt anymore in the future.”


As soon as he started having s*x, Zhao Xingyuan believes that he and Zhao Shuyu would continue this blissful thing between men and women for a long time.


But Zhao Shuyu had just opened her buds and didn’t feel as comfortable or experienced incomparable bliss like him. She pursed her lips and didn’t respond, but fell asleep as soon as her eyes closed.


She did not know how long had passed. When Zhao Shuyu woke up, she had been cleaned up by Zhao Xingyuan.


Zhao Xingyuan specially prepared medicine for this trip. After Zhao Shuyu fell asleep, he cleaned her with a handkerchief and applied the medicine to her red and swollen flower holes.


The skin was not torn but was a little swollen. Zhao Xingyuan was upset because he felt that he had been too impulsive and reckless just now.


But troubles turned out to be just troubles.


When Zhao Xingyuan and Zhao Shuyu got on the carriage on the way back, the soft and weak sister who had been f*cked by him was leaning next to him. Zhao Xingyuan’s pen*s was filled with blood again, pushing against his pants, clamouring to have sex again.


As soon as he reached out his hand, Zhao Xingyuan took the napping Zhao Shuyu into his arms.


Letting the cute baby sit on his lap, and he kissed her forehead and cheeks while adoring her with loving eyes.


“Brother Xingyuan…?” Zhao Shuyu looked sleepy.


Zhao Xingyuan kissed her lips again, “It’s okay, you continue to sleep.”


However, as soon as he finished speaking, he reached into the hem of her skirt and loosened the waistband of Zhao Shuyu’s trousers.

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