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Chapter 48: Being f*cked for the first time.

Chapter 48: Being fucked for the first time.

Both Zhao Xingyuan and Zhao Shuyu no longer had any resistance, so they secretly sped up the thrusting of their lower bodies. The tight and tender hole sandwiched his big gl*ns and part of his meat column, although not all of it. Going in halfway already made his scalp numb with pleasure.




At this moment, Zhao Shuyu was hit by an unfamiliar pleasure between her limbs. This was a feeling that she had never felt before.


Gradually, more and more water pumped out of the flower hole, while Zhao Xingyuan’s pumping actions became more skilful and smoother.


The tender, slippery and tight v*gina would lock his c0ck unbearably every time he penetrated it. Even as he pulled back, the still reluctant puss*y wouldn’t let his meat stick.


Zhao Xingyuan narrowed his eyes in deep pleasure, pushing his cr0tch deeper and deeper. Seeing Zhao Shuyu’s increasingly charming yet confused look, Zhao Xingyuan couldn’t help but apply more force, holding onto Zhao Shuyu’s waist while thrusting his cr0tch deeper until he penetr*ted the young tenderness. Even when he finally reached the deepest part of the hole, stroking the soft and tender heart of the flower, there was still half of his c0ck that has not managed to enter.


Zhao Shuyu’s flower hole was too tight and small. She hadn’t grown up yet, and her little honey h*le was too shallow to bear full penetration.


The more Zhao Xingyuan penetrated, the more dissatisfied he felt. He pressed Zhao Shuyu’s legs toward his chest, exposing the private parts that were being violently v*olated by him.


The red p*ssy was swallowing the huge thing with difficulty. There were shallow blood stains on the opening, which was mixed with honey nectar that was pounded into a light pink mucus, smearing at the junction of their gen*tals.


“Uh-huh…ah…hmm…brother Xingyuan, Yu’er, Yu’er…”


Zhao Shuyu was gradually getting more aroused; her face was flushed and her eyes watery. She was humming without knowing what she was saying at all. Zhao Xingyuan leaned down and pushed the big meat st*ck hard, almost going all the way in.


Then he suddenly stopped and leaned closer to Zhao Shuyu’s ear before asking, “What’s wrong with my little Yu’er?”


Zhao Shuyu blushed like peaches while she panted and moaned with blurred eyes: “Brother Xingyuan… so bloated… um… It’s still itchy…”


As she said this, she couldn’t help but lift her little butt*cks, her v*gina constantly tightening, trying to bite and swallow the huge thing.


Zhao Xingyuan originally felt pity for his younger sister and intended to just have a calm s*x for her first time.


Unexpectedly, Zhao Shuyu actually raised her b*tt and took the initiative to send her p*ssy upwards.

Zhao Xingyuan could no longer bear it and let out a rough growl in his throat. The next moment, he straightened up, holding Zhao Shuyu’s little b*tt, knelt between her legs and started sprinting fiercely.




Zhao Shuyu was so excited by the sudden and intense f*cking that she screamed, her calls was like a kitten, charming and seductive. Zhao Xingyuan couldn’t help but pound it deep into the deepest point, and his big glans forcefully hit her flower core, causing her whole body to feel numb, sore and swollen. She cried out in her little mouth, “It’s so sore… Yu’er needs to pee…”

As soon as he heard that Zhao Shuyu wanted to pee, Zhao Xingyuan lowered his penis.


Moving even harder, he f*cked his own sister until she squirted out and clim*xed for the first time. The feeling of her hot nectar running on his meat stick and test*cles as her gummy walls spasmed made Zhao Xingyuan’s back numb, rousing a primal desire to f*ck her harder.


The two people’s gen*tals were rubbing and hitting like crazy, and Zhao Shuyu’s pink p*ssy was rubbed red by the lush hair on Zhao Xingyuan’s lower abdomen.


One was smooth and hairless, so tender and juicy like a peach that you can squeeze water out of it, while the other was thickly covered in hair with a fully mature and er*ct gen*tal.


The pleasure quickly accumulated to the extreme. Zhao Shuyu couldn’t stand the feeling of being on the verge of incont*nence. She whimpered for mercy and even shed tears.


Her petite body swayed back and forth under the man’s powerful impact, and the man’s thick pen*s made a “squeaking” sound as it pounded her vag*na.


“Ah, I can’t stand it anymore… Big brother… Yu’er can’t stand it anymore…” It was the first time that Zhao Shuyu experienced such a real sword and gun-like penetration, pushing her to the peak.


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