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Chapter 50 In the carriage, the elder brother used a meat stick to apply medicine to Yu’er again

Sitting in the comfortable carriage, Zhao Xingyuan hugged the sleepy Zhao Shuyu and pulled her loosened trousers to her knees.


He pulled up a white leg and unwrapped the band around her waist, opening the distance slightly before looking at the girl’s open flower hole in the dim light of the carriage.


It really looked like one that had been ravaged, with the flower bead sticking out and the lips swollen. It was so red and swollen that it made people feel pity, but it also made people want to continue fucking her hard.


Zhao Xingyuan sighed silently, took out the ointment he had prepared in advance, dug out a dash and smeared it on Zhao Shuyu’s pussy.


Gently kneading the little sweet hole, the smooth and delicate tactile sensation between his fingertips made it hard for him to stop.


After rubbing the petals, he inserted his fingers into the hole, pulled out some of the thin semen that had not been drained out, before carefully applying the medicine into the honey hole.


But as soon as his fingers went in, the layers of tender meat squeezed over, making the ointment melt away instantly. Zhao Xingyuan used the sticky ointment to rub the bulging little meat core again.


Zhao Shuyu hummed sweetly, her face resting on Zhao Xingyuan’s chest while her eyelashes moved slightly.


At this time, Zhao Xingyuan had also opened the waistband of his pants, releasing his swollen cock. He dug another dash of ointment and applied it on his cock randomly.


He raised Zhao Shuyu’s butt slightly, lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Yu’er, be good, big brother will give you medicine.”


Then, he held on to the thin and weak waist, her butt swayed and rubbed on top of his hot penis again and again. He pressed against the tender, red and swollen hole and slowly invaded.


There was a burst of pain in the lower body, and Zhao Shuyu, who was still half asleep, soon woke up completely.


Raising her little head, she bit her lower lip, which was also red and swollen. With pitiful watery eyes, she said aggrievedly: “Brother Xingyuan, it’s uncomfortable to apply medicine like this…”


Butler Huo used the same method to apply medicine for her two years ago. The medicine was applied through the hole in the back.


Even after applying the medicine, it instead became even more red and swollen, making her uncomfortable for several days.


At this time, the giant thing had gradually submerged into the delicate female body. Zhao Xingyuan felt that his lifeblood was being swallowed bit by bit by his sister’s tender hole.

The tight tunnel was violently twisting and contracting, resisting the invasion of the foreign object, making Zhao Xingyuan feel extreme pleasure. His lower back was numb, and he felt like he might ejaculate at any moment.


He breathed roughly, “Yu’er, relax, I’m just going in, don’t move.”


But Zhao Shuyu only felt uncomfortable and tight, and she didn’t care whether he moved or not. She twisted her little buttocks and wanted it to leave her body.


As a matter of course, Zhao Xingyuan refused. He held down the smooth and tender ass, pressed it down, settling her buttocks snugly on his thighs. The meat stick that had just been broken free immediately penetrated the hole again, and the red, swollen, and tight tender hole was stretched hard.


Zhao Shuyu softly screamed “Ah”, and Zhao Xingyuan immediately blocked her mouth, “Yu’er, keep your voice down, Xiao Liuzi is outside.”


Sitting outside of the wooden carriage and steering the horse was a boy servant. Zhao Shuyu didn’t dare to scream, so she nodded pitifully.


Zhao Xingyuan smiled and kissed Zhao Shuyu’s hot cheek, before holding the two plump buttocks, snuggling them deeper so that their genitals fit more closely. He stretched out his hands to knead the wet and tender little flower bead.


“No… brother Xingyuan…”


Zhao Shuyu frowned and tried her best to suppress a cry that tried to escape from her throat.


The tunnel couldn’t help but convulse uncontrollably for a while. The small meat hole was like a greedy little mouth, sucking on the meat stick inserted into it.


Numbing pleasure soon erupted from the lower body cascaded through Zhao Shuyu’s body.


She had only experienced the joy of fingering her pussy so far. But when her big brother used his cock to penetrate her pussy hard, she experienced a new kind of extreme comfort.

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