Home Zhao's First Daughter Chapter 47 – Yu’er’s little flower hole was pierced by the big brother’s meat stick (advance)

Chapter 47 – Yu’er’s little flower hole was pierced by the big brother’s meat stick (advance)

Chapter 47 – Yu’er’s little flower hole was pierced by the big brother’s meat stick (advance)

In other words, Zhao Xingyuan’s penis is extremely talented and extraordinary. Although it was not as thick as Huo Yikun’s, the glans was extremely huge.


This type of penis is the favourite of women who have experienced the pleasure of fingering for a long time.


Such huge glans can stretch a woman’s vaginal hole from beginning to end, rub every good place, and then used to pound hard, hitting the heart of the woman.


Even a lustful woman who is experienced with sex and cannot be easily satisfied will be completely discharged in just a quarter of an hour when she encounters such an object.


But Zhao Xingyuan had long been determined to only belong to Zhao Shuyu and had never used his tools on other women.


However, he also knew that his physique was different from ordinary men, so he sincerely pitied Zhao Shuyu who would have to suffer a lot if she lost her virginity to him.


Thus, over the years, he often coaxed her to lick his dick, sometimes asking her to hold it between her vagina to poke it, just to make her get used to it.


If she becomes used to him, and when the day that she would lose her virginity came, she would probably not be too scared.


This made Zhao Shuyu just like a frog in warm water. She always tasted the sweetness of stimulation and thought of having her erogenous zones fondled as happiness.


But she didn’t know that she, a fourteen-year-old girl who had not had sex, the act of shallowly penetrating was intended for her brother’s big dick to penetrate her completely in future.


It would be much more painful than when Huo Yikun penetrated her anus two years ago.

At this time, Zhao Xingyuan had only just vigorously inserted his big cock head into the open tender hole, and Zhao Shuyu was already gasping for air in pain.


Soon, Zhao Xingyuan came across the thin film that symbolized purity.


His breath was rapid as he got more excited.


He saw Zhao Shuyu’s painful expression, but he didn’t stop and continued penetrating hard.


The huge cock opened the girl’s tight pussy without hesitation, and Zhao Shuyu finally couldn’t help but cry.


“Wuuuu, brother lied, Yu’er hurts so much!”


Unable to move after being thoroughly stabbed to her core, Zhao Shuyu’s lower body started shrinking, trying to repel the foreign delicacy that invaded her body.


The layers of moist, tight and hot flesh were stretched open by the giant object, and it kept squirming and contracting in pain, squeezing Zhao Xingyuan’s thick meat stick hard, especially at his sensitive glans.


Every time he pushed a little, the hole squeezed in response. The meat stick was tightly twisted in the wall and could not be loosened.


The meat stick was less than halfway in, and the feeling of wanting to ejaculate came in waves after waves, one after another.


Zhao Xingyuan gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to erupt.

He was also secretly annoyed with himself. How could he cum before he even entered.


“Yu’er, don’t move.”


He gasped, forcing himself to still inside her.


He stretched out his hand to hold her crying face, then kissed and comforted her, “Yu’er, be good, don’t move, it will be fine soon.”


After being coaxed, Zhao Shuyu cried more and more delicately, her legs were pitiful spread with her vagina was wide open. She felt like her body was broken by someone. In addition to pain, she felt wronged. She kept saying, “Brother Xingyuan lied to me. This is not comfortable at all…”


Zhao Xingyuan used to coax her all the time, and playing with erogenous zones is the most comfortable thing between men and women. Zhao Shuyu did feel comfortable in the past, but she didn’t expect it to be so painful now.


After seeing her crying aggrievedly for a long time, Zhao Xingyuan did not dare to move anymore. He only rubbed her two breasts, trying to divert her attention.


Gradually, Zhao Shuyu’s crying became quieter, and her sobs and sweet humming mingled softly.


Zhao Xingyuan was sensitively aware that the tunnel that was tightly twisting his cock and its constant trembles gradually becoming softer.


He straightened his waist slightly, and without the obstruction that made him unable to move even an inch before, he immediately began to move his hips. He lifted his buttocks and began to thrust into Zhao Shuyu’s vagina.


The stick inserted into the body no longer caused tearing pain, but instead gradually gave rise to a sense of lustful pleasure.


When when her elder brother used to work on her vagina, the feeling of having something missing always appeared when she was about to ejaculate. Zhao Shuyu squinted her eyes and stopped crying. She hummed at the tip of her nose and began to appreciate the feeling that was different from the past.


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