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Chapter 52 – The flower has completely bloomed

Chapter 52 – Yu’er’s flower had completely bloomed.

The swollen and red lab*ia was enveloped by a ring of fine foam as the large ph*allus thrusted into it, causing the foamy liquid to stick onto the hair on Zhao Xingyuan’s lower abdomen.

With her legs spread wide, the small nub on her bare pu*ssy was easier to access. Zhao Xingyuan pene*trated her entrance while he lovingly teased the bud of her cl*itoris. Before long, Zhao Shuyu let out a series of screams, trembling to her core as she cli-maxed once more.

This time, her cli*max was particularly intense; tears streamed down her face, and her lower body seemed to lose control as the hot love flu*ids trickled down, adding to their combined flu*ids.

As Zhao Shuyu trembled, her warm and moist va*gina contracted rapidly like a fluttering butterfly, releasing copious amounts of slick honey that flowed down the cleft of her but-tocks, leaving her completely wet.

Her pu*ssy was thoroughly ravished, leaving it wet, slick, and utterly pleasured.

No longer holding back, Zhao Xingyuan began to vigorously thru*st into Zhao Shuyu.

Being in the prime of his life, he possessed ample physical strength. After thousands of consecutive thrusts, Zhao Shuyu cli*maxed twice more, but still craved more release. Seeing that they were nearing the city, yet still feeling unsatisfied, Zhao Xingyuan loudly commanded from the carriage for Xiao Liuzi to take a detour around Moon Lake on the outskirts of the city.

Although Moon Lake was not far from Jinzhou City, there were no official roads built there.

Thus, the journey was rough. However, Zhao Xingyuan held Zhao Shuyu close, placed her on his lap before resuming their pas*sionate coupling, fu*cking her hard amidst the bumps and jolts.

During the latter part of their journey, Zhao Xingyuan lost control, and his massive member roughly pen*etrated Zhao Shuyu’s body, relentlessly hitting the tender core of her woman*hood.

Her delicate flower was thoroughly plea*sured until it was tender and bruised, before forcibly expelling love fluids.

By the time they arrived back at Zhao Mansion, night had fallen, and Zhao Shuyu was half-conscious.

From the Zen room in Lingyu Temple to the carriage ride back, they had went through two exceedingly intense se*xual encounters fuelled by the burning des*ires of an adult man. For Zhao Shuyu, a girl who had not yet reached maturity, it was simply overwhelming.

Her clothing was torn to shreds, leaving her in a state of disarray. Zhao Xingyuan wrapped her in his cloak, cradling her in his arms as they entered the courtyard.

Although it was well past dinner time, Zhao Muqing, the younger brother, paid little attention to their late arrival.

However, Huo Yikun, who was in the front yard, couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was amiss. He urged the horseman, Xiao Liuzi, and tried to inquire further.

Huo Yikun observed the young man’s hesitation and flushed face. He hesitated for a long time before Xiao Liuzi finally muttering, “As we were about to enter the city, the eldest master asked for a detour around Moon Lake, and that’s why we returned late.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Yikun’s heart skipped a beat. He hurried to the backyard stable after dismissing Xiao Liuzi.

Sure enough, within the large carriage that had departed earlier, he found Zhao Shuyu’s beaded hairpin and earring. In the middle of the fur felt cushion, there was a discreet dried water stain.

With a grim expression, Huo Yikun could almost envision how Zhao Shuyu had laid there, her thighs parted, succumbing to her brother’s advances until she was fu*cked to multiple climaxes.

After quietly collecting the items, Huo Yikun exited the carriage as though nothing had occurred, and nobody had noticed.

Zhao Shuyu, after lazily recuperating in the yard for two days, resumed attending school as usual.

However, three days later, Zhao Xingyuan had to depart from Zhao Mansion due to disturbances at a salt farm owned by the Zhao family.

While the matter had been reported to the authorities, the salt farm was situated in Hezhou, a remote location at least one hundred and fifty miles north of Xuzhou.

Though not a major incident, it was significant enough to warrant attention. Upon receiving the news, Zhao Xingyuan promptly went to the racecourse, enlisted two hundred guards from the Zhao family, hired additional escorts with substantial funds, and prepared to journey to Hezhou.



Zhao Shuyu – Fourth Miss and Eldest daughter of the Zhao Family (she is adopted and brought back to the family by the Eldest Brother but not publicly known since she takes the formal surname of the household).

Zhao Xingyuan – Eldest Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Muqing – Second Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Xifan – Third Son of Zhao Family

Huo Yikun – the guanjia aka butler who manages the household affairs of the Zhao family, also an adopted brother, known as second-in-command in the family.

Gao Xiheng – a distant cousin of the Zhao family

Gao Mistress aka Madam Dong – Gao Xiheng’s Mother

Little Xing’er – the young maid of Zhao Shuyu

Old Bai – Teacher at Jade Pavillion

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