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(ZFD) Chapter 53 – The night before the eldest brother went out, the bed was thoroughly used.

Chapter 53 – The night before the eldest brother went out, the bed was thoroughly used.

The night before Zhao Xingyuan’s departure for Hezhou, he quietly slipped into Zhao Shuyu’s room, and the two shared a tender moment in secret.

Though he didn’t dare to be too forceful that night, he was happy that he could finally engage in passionate love making with Zhao Shuyu. Knowing they wouldn’t see each other for another two or three months, Zhao Xingyuan made love to Zhao Shuyu for most of the night, ejaculating four times inside her pu*ssy before finally relenting.

From Zhao Xingyuan’s perspective, he had already restrained himself; otherwise, his well-endowed pen*is would have surely caused Zhao Shuyu considerable discomfort, leaving her bedridden for even more days.

However, in Zhao Shuyu’s opinion, while her elder brother’s actions weren’t rough, she felt that he had been too vigorous. His alternating pace, from fast to slow, targeted the part of her vagina she found most sensitive, causing her to clim*ax to the heavens, eventually even turning her incontinent.

As they laid intertwined, their lower bodies soaked in a mixture of semen, honey, and love liquid. Zhao Shuyu’s pu*ssy remained red and swollen from their passionate love fest. The next day, she couldn’t even bear to look at the mattress or quilt, let alone get out of bed. In the end, she didn’t bid her brother farewell.

On the day Zhao Xingyuan departed Jinzhou, Zhao Shuyu remained in bed to rest.

Zhao Muqing, noticing her prolonged absence from school, ventured into Zhao Shuyu’s yard, intending to have a word with her.

To his surprise, he found his sister with flushed cheeks and alluring eyes, wrapped in her quilt, refusing to rise.

As he entered the room, she emitted a soft, kitten-like meow, “Second brother…”

Frowning, an indescribable feeling welled up within Zhao Muqing.

He felt a mixture of unhappiness and discomfort.

Despite his typically reserved demeanour, his relationship with Zhao Shuyu had been tolerable in their youth. However, as they grew older, he understood the importance of maintaining boundaries between men and women, even between siblings.

Unfortunately, his sister seemed oblivious to this concept. She clung to him like sticky maltose, incessantly pestering him to accompany her outdoors.

After receiving two cold rebuffs, she ceased her efforts and turned her attention to their third brother.

Initially eager to join him, she had affectionately addressed him as “Brother Xifan.”

However, after being the target of his pranks twice, she ceased visiting their yard and instead focused her attention on their eldest brother.

Zhao Muqing never anticipated that their dignified and solemn eldest brother would not only welcome her attention, but also indulge her.

Now, Zhao Shuyu rarely visited him or their third brother. Instead, if their elder brother was home, she would spend her days in his yard.

Zhao Muqing couldn’t quite articulate his feelings about this.

He felt somewhat disappointed and increasingly distant from Zhao Shuyu.

Yet, a part of him still held affection for her, given their shared blood ties.

Standing in Zhao Shuyu’s boudoir, observing his sister wrapped in her quilt, Zhao Muqing coughed uncomfortably and avoided her gaze.

“Why haven’t you gotten up today?” he asked, feeling compelled to address her disobedience.

According to etiquette, Zhao Muqing shouldn’t have entered his sister’s boudoir directly.

However, today, he felt Zhao Shuyu’s behaviour was beyond acceptable.

She hadn’t attended school in nearly ten days, and even on the day of their elder brother’s departure, and on their usually wayward third brother’s return, she remained in her room.

Wrapped in her quilt, Zhao Shuyu grimaced at Zhao Muqing’s displeased inquiry.

From her perspective, of the three brothers, she harbored the most fear for the second.

Although others hailed him as the most handsome and elegant young man in Jinzhou City, his stern and unsmiling countenance deterred her from feeling at ease in his presence.

Despite his striking appearance, she couldn’t shake her feelings of trepidation around him.



Zhao Shuyu – Fourth Miss and Eldest daughter of the Zhao Family (she is adopted and brought back to the family by the Eldest Brother but not publicly known since she takes the formal surname of the household).

Zhao Xingyuan – Eldest Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Muqing – Second Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Xifan – Third Son of Zhao Family

Huo Yikun – the guanjia aka butler who manages the household affairs of the Zhao family, also an adopted brother, known as second-in-command in the family.

Gao Xiheng – a distant cousin of the Zhao family

Gao Mistress aka Madam Dong – Gao Xiheng’s Mother

Little Xing’er – the young maid of Zhao Shuyu

Old Bai – Teacher at Jade Pavillion

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