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(ZFD) Chapter 54 – Afraid of being punished by her second brother, Yu’er exposed her pu**y.

Chapter 54 – Afraid of being punished by her second brother, Yu’er exposed her pu**y.

In Jinzhou City, everyone thought that Zhao Shuyu had been excessively indulged by her three brothers since childhood. However, they were unaware of the true nature of her brothers. She was a character who could be manipulated by acting coquettishly.

Despite her eldest brother’s affection, he still adhered to the rules. He only indulged her occasionally, and it was something she had to strive for with great effort.

Unquestionably, the second brother became increasingly distant with Zhao Shuyu as he grew older. He consistently reprimanded her for behaving improperly.

She appeared lazy when seated and restless when standing. Her demeanour did not reflect that of a proper lady, and her free affection for her brothers was delicate and convoluted, which was unsuitable.

Unfamiliar with propriety, she could only blink whenever reprimanded, leading to her second brother always responding with a cold look, stating that all her years of studying had been in vain.

At that moment, Zhao Shuyu felt crestfallen that her second brother had decided to enter the room to lecture her in person.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to rise from her bed, but rather, she couldn’t. Whenever she attempted to move her legs, a flow of liquid would leak from her private part. Her legs felt sore, weak, wet, sticky, and painfully constricted.

She whimpered, frowned, and pitifully stated, “I can’t get up today because I’m not feeling well.”

However, Zhao Muqing responded with a straight face, “Oh? Then I’ll arrange for a doctor to examine you.”

Zhao Shuyu promptly shook her head, “No, there’s no need.”

Observing Zhao Shuyu’s behaviour, Zhao Muqing felt that she was providing random excuses.

“Where do you feel discomfort? Let me take a look.”

Zhao Muqing became infuriated as he believes that Zhao Shuyu was just being lazy and evasive. He aimed to address her bad habits seriously.

After stating this, without waiting for her response, he quickly approached the bed, reached out, and removed the quilt.

To his surprise, the first thing he saw was her naked body.
Two large, jade white bre*asts that were topped with red, swo*llen, and ere*ct ni*pples shyly met his gaze.

Stunned by her slender waist, tightly closed legs, and smooth, pink gen*ital area, Zhao Muqing promptly covered her with the quilt.

“Why aren’t you wearing clothes!”

Zhao Muqing’s handsome face tensed as he expressed his anger.

He hadn’t anticipated seeing his sister naked. This was a breach of ethical standards.

For a moment, Zhao Muqing felt a surge of conflicting emotions.

He didn’t know if he was angry that Zhao Shuyu was sleeping unclothed, annoyed that he had compromised her honour through his impulsive actions, or experiencing some other unwarranted emotions.

However, Zhao Shuyu was completely oblivious to Zhao Muqing’s raging inner thoughts. She only perceived her second brother’s intense anger.

In that moment, she didn’t dare to tell the truth. She lowered her head, appearing pitiful, yet feeling a sense of unease.

After a brief pause, she murmured, “Yu’er.. There is water constantly flowing from Yu’er… Wearing clothes will make them wet, so I didn’t wear any…”

Flowing water, getting wet?

Zhao Muqing felt his ears burn. He hadn’t expected to hear such obs*cene words from his little sister.


Zhao Muqing roared, his forehead veins bul*ging and his blush spreading from his ears to his cheeks.

Zhao Shuyu became even more frightened. She had never seen her second brother so enraged.

Tears of fear quickly welled up in her eyes as she softly sobbed, “Second brother, you will know if you touch Yu’er.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Muqing responded fiercely. He was taken aback, and his face quickly turned red.

“Zhao Shuyu, what are you talking about!”
Seeing that Zhao Muqing not only disbelieved her, but also appeared even more furious, Zhao Shuyu was alarmed and disregarded everything. She immediately sat up, lifted the quilt, and opened her legs to face Zhao Muqing.

“Second brother, it’s true!!.. Yu’…Yu’er didn’t lie to you.”

Indeed, she hadn’t lied. At that moment, the bare and open flower was red, swo*llen, and dripping with fluid.

Zhao Muqing suddenly felt his breath catch. As he gazed at Zhao Shuyu’s nak*ed body, his eyes seemed to be fixed on the girl’s open legs.



Zhao Shuyu – Fourth Miss and Eldest daughter of the Zhao Family (she is adopted and brought back to the family by the Eldest Brother but not publicly known since she takes the formal surname of the household).

Zhao Xingyuan – Eldest Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Muqing – Second Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Xifan – Third Son of Zhao Family

Huo Yikun – the guanjia aka butler who manages the household affairs of the Zhao family, also an adopted brother, known as second-in-command in the family.

Gao Xiheng – a distant cousin of the Zhao family

Gao Mistress aka Madam Dong – Gao Xiheng’s Mother

Little Xing’er – the young maid of Zhao Shuyu

Old Bai – Teacher at Jade Pavillion

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