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(ZFD) Chapter 55 – The second brother teaches Yu’er ethics with a physical lesson 

Chapter 55 – The second brother teaches Yu’er ethics with a physical lesson 

Speaking of the Zhao family, Zhao Muqing, the second son, was twenty years old. He possessed a cold temperament and a handsome appearance. Yet, he was still considered a young boy in love and relationships.

It wasn’t that he was oblivious to the matters of love. It was because he had never encountered a woman he truly liked and had no interest in superficial romance.

Unlike his eldest brother who was often away on business, Zhao Muqing had to attend various social events frequently.

He was also different from his third brother who had a fondness for all things novel and obsessed with military training. If it weren’t for the current world peace, the third brother might have enlisted in the army.

On ordinary days, Zhao Muqing would, at most, attend a poetry and tea gathering, occasionally going on outings. He had a reserved temperament and preferred tranquillity, even keeping some distance from his own sister.

However, in this moment, Zhao Muqing had witnessed his sister, Zhao Shuyu, fully undressed and exposing the most intimate part of her body to him.

Zhao Muqing felt his throat constrict and his mind becoming chaotic.

“Zhao Shuyu, you are fooling around!”

Zhao Muqing took a couple of steps forward and pulled up the quilt to cover his sister’s delicate body.

Zhao Shuyu looked at Zhao Muqing with teary eyes, feeling that her half-truths and half-lies seemed to have only made her second brother even angrier.

Before Zhao Muqing could let go, she grabbed his hand, pulled it under the quilt, and pressed it against her buttocks.

Zhao Muqing felt the soft and slippery sensation of his fingertips, as if sinking into a piece of tender tofu.

“Second brother, Yu’er didn’t lie to you.”

Zhao Shuyu emphasized anxiously.

She knew that her second brother was an honourable gentleman who disliked frivolous talk, especially lies. He had always been serious with her since they were children.

Zhao Shuyu was so frightened that she just wanted to prove that she was truly “ill.”
His palm touched his younger sister’s va*gina.

Zhao Muqing moved his fingers slightly and felt the wetness and slickness inside her, as the layers of tender flesh moved to tightly cling to and suck on his fingers.

Even though Zhao Shuyu had grabbed his wrist at this point, he was not unable to pull away.

Instead, since he had moved, he had accidentally inserted his finger into her hole, making it even wetter inside.

“Hmm…” Zhao Shuyu closed her eyes and let out a moan, her cheeks flushing once again.

Zhao Muqing’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

Feeling suffocated, and he spoke roughly, “Why is it… like this?”

Zhao Muqing hesitated as he spoke, swallowing the words “liquid” and “moisture” from his question.

In truth, this had happened after being penetrated by their elder brother’s penis all night long.

Zhao Shuyu was speechless and dared not say anything. Their elder brother had once told her that the intimate acts between siblings should not be spoken of or shared with others.

Two years ago, Butler Huo had fu*cked her anus from behind, and her front entrance had also been lic*ked and played with by him. Her eldest brother’s words of reminder was so strong in her mind that it even stopped her from daring to tell him about the affair with Butler Huo. Likewise, she didn’t dare to tell anyone about what was happening with her elder brother.

When questioned by Zhao Muqing at this moment, Zhao Shuyu lowered her head and replied softly, “I… I don’t know. I have wetness when I sleep. Brother Muqing, please don’t punish Yu’er…”

Her pitiful appearance made Zhao Muqing feel conflicted. He chose to continue scolding her, regardless.

He had always known that Zhao Shuyu was young and there were no elders in the family to guide her.

Their eldest brother was always absent from home, and the third brother was also rarely present. In reality, he, as the second brother, should have been responsible for raising his younger sister.
He had been neglectful over the years, resulting in Zhao Shuyu’s lack of understanding about the boundaries between men and women and the ethics of human relationships.

At this moment, Zhao Muqing felt a twinge of guilt.

“I won’t punish you today, but you must never do this again in the future.”

Zhao Muqing spoke with difficulty, avoiding eye contact with Zhao Shuyu.

Zhao Shuyu tilted her head, “What can’t I do?”

Zhao Muqing paused, “You mustn’t sleep without clothes on, and you mustn’t… let other men touch you here.”

The more he spoke, the lower his voice became, and his handsome face reddened.

He pulled back his hand. With his fingers still embedded in his sister’s h0le, and found it difficult to articulate those words in a serious manner.



Zhao Shuyu – Fourth Miss and Eldest daughter of the Zhao Family (she is adopted and brought back to the family by the Eldest Brother but not publicly known since she takes the formal surname of the household).

Zhao Xingyuan – Eldest Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Muqing – Second Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Xifan – Third Son of Zhao Family

Huo Yikun – the guanjia aka butler who manages the household affairs of the Zhao family, also an adopted brother, known as second-in-command in the family.

Gao Xiheng – a distant cousin of the Zhao family

Gao Mistress aka Madam Dong – Gao Xiheng’s Mother

Little Xing’er – the young maid of Zhao Shuyu

Old Bai – Teacher at Jade Pavillion

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