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(ZFD) Chapter 56 – The second brother discovered that the tender flower is swollen

Chapter 56 – The second brother discovered that the tender flower is swollen

“Why not?”

Zhao Shuyu blinked and asked honestly.

Zhao Muqing’s forehead was throbbing as blood rushed to his veins.

He closed her eyes and said with difficulty, “This is a lady’s private part. Only your future husband can touch it.”

Zhao Shuyu was slightly shocked.

“Eldest brother can’t do it too?”

Zhao Muqing shook his head, “No way.”

“Then the housekeeper Huo can’t do it too?”

Zhao Muqing frowned, “Why do you have to ask about them both?”

Zhao Shuyu shrank her neck and said weakly, ” Because Brother Xingyuan and Brother Huo are both relatives of Yu’er…”

Zhao Muqing was mentally unstable at this time and did not notice Zhao Shuyu’s evasive words.

He replied with a serious face: “No one can.” Including me.

Perhaps because his fingers were still inserted in his sister’s pussy, Zhao Muqing couldn’t say the last three words.

Zhao Shuyu lowered her head and responded in a low voice.

After a while, not really sure of what she was thinking of, she questioned,”Then, Yu’er can’t be seen by the doctor even if she’s sick?”

Zhao Muqing thought of the way Zhao Shuyu had to open her legs and show the doctor her acupoints.

In response, he felt a burning sensation in his lower abdomen, and the meat stick under his crotch turned tight and painful.

He responded with difficulty, “You…maybe it’s not a disease.”

Zhao Shuyu’s heart skipped a beat, fearing that her second brother would notice her lie.

In desperation, she lifted the quilt again and said hurriedly: “Yu’er is really sick, can’t second brother feel it?”

Seeing the red and swollen vagina exposed in front of his eyes again, Zhao Muqing was suddenly suffocated.

However, this time, he wasn’t as panicked as before.

His sister’s pu*ssy bloomed like a delicate spring flower, spread out beautifully in front of him, with red lips and tender lips.

There was also a bulging bud in the middle, shining conspicuously with lingering fresh nectar.

Zhao Muqing’s throat rolled turbulently, although his face remained cold and unfazed on the surface.

However, the heartbeat in his chest was out of control.

Taking a closer look this time, Zhao Muqing found that Zhao Shuyu seemed to be a little swollen.

Just like flesh that turned after being rubbed hard, the little flower hole is dripping with juice while flaring in its tender redness.

Unable to resist, Zhao Muqing gently rubbed Zhao Shuyu’s tender petals.

He opened the swollen petals and held the swollen flower bead in between his fingers.

He stared at the fluttering hole that was nervously opening and closing, trying to clench onto something.

“It seems there is a sickness.”

After hearing this, Zhao Shuyu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She wanted to tuck her legs and hide under the quilt, but Zhao Muqing refused to pull out his hand.

“Why… is it so swollen?”

Zhao Muqing pushed Zhao Shuyu’s legs away, exposing the center of her legs to his eyes.

At this time, Zhao Muqing’s throat and hair were awfully tight, his crotch was swollen with pent up desire, and all he could see was Zhao Shuyu’s red and swollen pu*ssy. However, never could he ever imagine in his head that his sister might have been already brutally taken.

“Ugh…” Zhao Shuyu was at a loss for words.

She didn’t know how to explain how her pu*ssy had become swollen from being fu*cked.

She just squinted her eyes and turned her face sideways, and said evasively, “Maybe Yu’er clenched her legs… that’s why it’s swo*llen.”

Clenching her legs? Clenching to mast*urba*te?

Zhao Muqing’s chest tightened again. Unexpectedly, Zhao Shuyu knew how to self plea*surise.

“Is it comfortable to clench your legs together?”

Zhao Shuyu lowered her eyes and whispered with a blush, “Comfortable.”

The two words uttered as a small alluring whisper was like a kitten scratching at Zhao Muqing’s heart. His hand trembled and his finger went deeper.

He could feel his sister’s lower body turning tighter and slippery, discovering that the deeper he went in inside, the more juice flowed out.

However, his fingers did not encounter any obstruction.

Zhao Muqing felt suffocated, breathing heavily, frowning while he carefully touched Zhao Shuyu’s pussy.

“Woo…wow…so swollen…” Having an adult man’s fingers inserted into the va*gina, Zhao Shuyu bit the quilt and screamed like a kitten.

Her waist began rising and falling, while the shy flesh squirmed to pinch and swallow the delectable and rough fingers.


Zhao Shuyu – Fourth Miss and Eldest daughter of the Zhao Family (she is adopted and brought back to the family by the Eldest Brother but not publicly known since she takes the formal surname of the household).

Zhao Xingyuan – Eldest Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Muqing – Second Son of Zhao Family

Zhao Xifan – Third Son of Zhao Family

Huo Yikun – the guanjia aka butler who manages the household affairs of the Zhao family, also an adopted brother, known as second-in-command in the family.

Gao Xiheng – a distant cousin of the Zhao family

Gao Mistress aka Madam Dong – Gao Xiheng’s Mother

Little Xing’er – the young maid of Zhao Shuyu

Old Bai – Teacher at Jade Pavillion

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