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Zhao Chapter 45 (Advance Post)

Chapter 45: The eldest brother rubbed Yu’er’s pussy and wanted to teach her about husband-and-wife affairs in a Buddhist temple


“Wuuu…Brother Xingyuan…don’t do it anymore, someone is going to come in from outside…”

Zhao Shuyu started refusing softly while holding up her little hands to reject his movements.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Xingyuan placed Zhao Shuyu on the soft couch behind him before standing up to lock the door of the Zen room.

After locking the door, he returned to the soft couch without hesitation. This time, he took off his clothes.

Soon, Zhao Xingyuan was naked.

His muscular body had a bronzed complexion due to years of toiling and working outside, giving off a strong masculine aura. The penis on his crotch was even more terrifying.

Under the thick hair was a strong and long purplish-black giant monster. The glans were particularly huge. It was especially hard work for Zhao Shuyu whenever she had to suck and lick it at her brother’s coaxing demands.

Zhao Shuyu’s heart tightened when she saw her eldest brother taking off all his clothes and walking toward her with the thick meat stick under his crotch.

“Brother Xingyuan, what are you doing?”

Her soft and waxy voice resounded in the room. Sitting there with her two exposed big white breasts, the sight would lead anyone approaching to feel pitiful, as if one were going to commit a heinous sin.

“Yu’er, do you know why I brought you here to offer incense today?”

Zhao Xingyuan climbed onto the low couch within a few steps and threw Zhao Shuyu under him. He kissed and bit her auricles with his lips and penetrated her cochlea with his tongue.

His continuous licking and thrusting actions caused ticklish waves of sharp itching from her ears all the way to the lower abdomen.

Zhao Xingyuan held the two big breasts in his hands and kneaded them repeatedly.

The equally sensitive nipples were also pinched and pulled.

Zhao Shuyu clamped her legs again and again, and her little butt was squirming on the couch.

As she writhed like a little fairy under him, her little mouth was also humming.

“No, I don’t know why…Ah, Brother Xingyuan, don’t pull Yu’er’s nipples.”

In response, Zhao Xingyuan smiled lowly as a mellow masculine breath sprayed on Zhao Shuyu’s cheek.

He knew that Zhao Shuyu was not ignorantly stupid despite being raised and sheltered deep in the Zhao family house. On the contrary, she was very smart, like a cunning little fox.

She had a habit of appearing sweet and docile in front of her older brother. But as she got older, she became more clear minded on what she was doing. Even in bed, she would often act coquettishly and bend over backwards at critical points to get him to let her out to play.

Zhao Xingyuan reached into the waistband of Zhao Shuyu’s trousers and touched the smooth and hairless flowerpot inside. His hand immediately returned wet and greasy.

Zhao Xingyuan inserted two fingers in and started to flicker and play with the little flower mouth. As Zhao Shuyu’s breathing became increasingly rapid, he started to meticulously spread the nectar on the flower, rubbing the juicy flesh that delicately wrapped the flower pedicle open, and pulled out the shy little flower. The pearly core was rubbed out.

“Ah… no, there…”

Zhao Shuyu gasped and clamped her legs hard.

Zhao Xingyuan ‘s actions were now restricted by her actions and could no longer move smoothly. Thus, he simply tore off Zhao Shuyu’s pants and underpants.

Suddenly, Zhao Shuyu was left with only an undershirt with a wide-open outerwear hanging loosely on her body.

Zhao Xingyuan opened Zhao Shuyu’s legs and straddled them to his waist. He knelt between her legs and pushed his swollen and hard desire into the center of her legs.

The huge glans pressed heavily against the juicy hole.

Zhao Shuyu instinctively felt that things were becoming more and more out of control. It seemed that her elder brother was going to do something different to her today.

“Brother Xingyuan… what are you going to do?”

Zhao Xingyuan leaned down and kissed Zhao Shuyu’s tender, petal-like lips.

He caressed her lips tenderly and said, “Today, I brought Yu’er to offer incense to the Gods, in order to officially obtain you with the heaven’s witness. Buddha is our witness, and from now on, Yu’er is eldest brother’s.”

Zhao Shuyu was confused, “Get me? How do you get me? Isn’t Yu’er always with my eldest brother?”

Seeing that she really didn’t understand, Zhao Xingyuan’s heart was full of adoring love and affection.

“This is different. Yu’er has reached the age of fourteen and can now get married. Today, big brother will teach little Yu’er what to do after getting married.”



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