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Zhao Chapter 46 (Advance Post)

Chapter 46: The eldest brother deflowers Yu’er


Hearing of her eldest brother mentioning what is needed to be done after getting married, Zhao Shuyu immediately thought of the sentence she had read in a book – that skin-to-skin contact, joy human relations are something that can only be shared between a couple’s bed.


“But brother Xingyuan, we are not husband and wife, shouldn’t we not do this kind of thing?”


The moment Zhao Xingyuan heard this; he knew that this was something that Zhao Shuyu had been confused about for a long time.


But how could he let her think about it? He rubbed the small little nub below her waist and sucked the tip of the small nipple. He kissed her all the way down as her waist arched higher and higher unbearably and took a last mouthful of the wet little cunt.


While he was busy tasty her delicacies, he said, “Why can’t we do it? Big brother likes Yu’er, and Yu’er also likes big brother. This is also an expression of love, not only couples can have love.”


After hearing this, Zhao Shuyu finally no longer felt awkward and conflicted.


Being licked by Zhao Xingyuan made Zhao Shuyu feel empty and unbearable, and her mind could no longer bother to struggle with the words in the book.


Not long after, Zhao Shuyu was made to cum a little.


Between her open legs, two tightly clamped petals lips were licked and inserted, with a fleshy bead standing out in the middle. In the past two years, she had been coaxed and rubbed many times by Zhao Xingyuan and Huo Yikun, making her fleshy core more and more sensitive to touches. It quickly erected like a blooming flower bud after just a little short round of rubbing.


The little meat bead was sucked by Zhao Xingyuan loudly. Zhao Shuyu twisted her buttocks and arched her waist, and the water flowed onto the couch.


Zhao Xingyuan clasped Zhao Shuyu’s thighs and pressed upwards, exposing the two tender holes of her lower body.


Then he licked and penetrated them, cleaning and licking both small holes vigorously.


He only stopped when he sensed that Zhao Shuyu was going to climax again.


“Yu’er, if big brother hurts you, will you blame me?”

At this moment, Zhao Xingyuan sat up, spread her legs and held Zhao Shuyu in his arms while rubbing his huge penis outside her vagina, deliberately touching the nub on the clitoris.


Zhao Shuyu was already deep in a state of ecstasy. She was about to climax, but the stimulation was suddenly stopped. Her lower abdomen was extremely empty and itchy, in an urgent need of stronger stimulation.


“W-will it hurt?…”


Her body has already been softened into paste due to ecstasy, but she was still worried about being hurt.

Zhao Xingyuan kissed Zhao Shuyu’s glazed eyes and warmly said, “It will be over real quick.”

Just as Zhao Shuyu was still wondering how long the pain would last, she felt her bottom lips spread apart with two fingers before another three plunged into the extremely tight forbidden hole.


“Ah, it hurts.”


Suddenly, Zhao Shuyu felt the pain, and while straddling Zhao Xingyuan’s waist and abdomen, she couldn’t help but kick with her legs.


But Zhao Xingyuan didn’t allow her to dodge. He clamped her waist with one hand and continued thrusting into her hole with the other hand.


The slippery tender flesh in Zhao Shuyu’s vagina kept twisting tightly against the invasion of foreign objects, but not long after, the swelling and pain subsided, and only a growing lustful and empty feeling came over her.

Gradually, Zhao Shuyu was gasping for air. Her waist became soft, and her two thin white arms were clinging onto Zhao Xingyuan’s strong shoulders, like a drowning person clinging to the only driftwood.


Her intoxicated little face was weakly placed on Zhao Xingyuan’s shoulder, and she pouted her little mouth and said dissatisfiedly: “Brother Xingyuan is about to penetrate Yu’er apart.”

Such lewd words came out of Zhao Shuyu’s mouth, and Zhao Xingyuan couldn’t bear it anymore.


He paused, knowing that she had said it unintentionally, but to his ears, it was like hearing her begging him to fuck her.


The next moment, Zhao Xingyuan laid Zhao Shuyu down on the couch, pulled her legs apart and placed them around his waist while rubbing the hot flesh under his crotch back and forth between her holes.


The fingers also cooperated by simultaneously rubbing the flower core, causing Zhao Shuyu’s cheeks to flush in extreme pleasure, her mouth left agape open slightly as she moaned in lust.


Opening the girl’s tender hole, Zhao Xingyuan pushed his hips, and the huge glans squeezed between the two opened petal lips. Without further hesitation, he inserted into the tight and tender entrance, while slowly and firmly pushing it deeper.


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